This is a rather short post. My first since actually creating this blog a year ago. Then, I was suffering and I didn’t know why. I will be posting a longer detailed account of how I came to realize what I have.

Today, I just feel like writing about how difficult it has been trying to get some answers and some solutions.


Take a bite out of Lyme… disease!

I tried using Ottoba and Cat’s Claw anti-microbial, but that seems to have caused nothing but diarrhea. I still feel stiff (not funny, but talk about being rigor (pre)mortis!). Neck, back and feet mostly.

This past weekend was terrible. I told my family about my positive test and it wasn’t what I expected. The reaction I received was disgusting. The beauty of being a PhD is the ability to research and find conclusive evidence, or at least evidence of incompetence and uncertainty.

This isn’t mine.. But this is what my bite looked like.

I will be posting my experience about getting tested for Lyme here in the UK.

I got bit in Ontario in 2013, right around Halloween. Poor awareness allowed the bite to fade without a physician’s consultation. And without the most important evidence against lyme…. well… good luck getting treated.


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