Lyme: Fatalism

So most recently, due to my Lymieness, I’ve been accused of fatalism, by my very own brother. It stung, but trust me, he has to do better than that if he wants to compete with my “Dear” tick…

Anyway, the only person who believed me, is a very dear friend. Together we figured out what this is. It’s been a tough journey for both of us (for more reasons than Lyme mind you!). The sad part, and I think what bothers me more so than the infection, is the fact that we met AFTER I got bit. I was still sort of me since we met around a month after I had been bitten. I believe if I didn’t cover up the “mosquito” bite by wearing long sleeves, LT would have figured it out.

Anyway, if it weren’t for LT I would have BELIEVED I was loosing it despite the evidence.

See my case isn’t an ambiguous case. I had all the clear signs but was just IGNORANT.

LT shared this with me today, NPR-Moth Radio (pagan), and I sort of relate to the first bit when the lady says something along the lines of: people are only smart because they read a book she hasn’t read. I laughed at that but can totalllllly relate.

I am reading every thing possible… Books, peer-reviewed articles, alternative medicine info, homeopathy, documentaries, you name it. If there is anything both I and LT are good at, it’s scouring the Internet for information. This happens to be part of my degree… So, despite the accusation of fatalism, I believe I am anything but… Sometimes to a fault, yes, since I can refuse any offer of help. The point is I do not give up.



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