About My PhD

It has been long overdue. I intended to dedicate this blog to my PhD and the weird and grueling process that lies ahead. Since designing this (cause I also design stuff too!) blog last year (2015), my then mysterious condition got worse. Since that summer, I’ve come to know that I have Lyme. And this blog has since been split to various parts that cover every thing I do to overcome it, and all the things I do to give me purpose in life. This includes my PhD, A.K.A my baby.

I study how people interact with the internet and information, and how that information develops over time. This involves issues of sustainability, retention, management, and curation. It also involves some behavioral elements. Like I said in my bio, I am not to fond of face-to-face discussions (arguments!). However, I have been blessed with awesome colleagues and a wonderful delightful companion, all of whom are capable of civil conversations and fascinating mind-opening discussions.

On that note… one of my favorite quotes of all time is  Aristotle’s “it is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it.”

Since much of what I deal with falls on the controversial side of the spectrum, I write with some discretion.

So stay tuned!




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