Today is day 3 of week 5.

Today is possibly the worst day of herxing.

I forgot to mention in my symptoms post that one of my most annoying symptoms (which caused so many arguments) was not only light sensitivities, but NOISE sensitivity.

Today, being scrunched in a small space with more people than I would like, I feel so agitated. I tried to allow myself to sink into work, but couldn’t. The brain fog, and the reoccurring loss of words is at a peak today. Considering I was ok a few days before, I am almost certain this is a herx.

Noise sensitivity has been a constant but would get worse on some days more than others. Because of this, it is difficult to pinpoint when or why or even if it is related. The reason I have dedicated a whole post to this is because I have noticed that week 5 of my antibiotics treatment has been by far the worst of all the others.

Yesterday I had joint pains in my hands and feet. I was so tired yesterday too, that I slept for more than 12 hours and still feel drained. I gained a weird two kilos out of the blue (maybe not out of the blue, being on vacation has screwed up my almost healthy diet and being around my mother has certainly upped my carbs/sugar intake. So over 3 weeks I’ve gained a terrible 5 pounds). The strange discharge is back and I am beginning to think it may be yeast (I’ve never had it before so am not sure). When I went to my OBY/GN when my symptoms first started, he said these are cysts that were rupturing and are nothing to worry about. I’ll have to go back for a checkup… in the UK .


This is what I looked like when I came to the realization that I still need to deal with NHS and the entire medical system in the UK….. Why did I leave Canada!

Another symptom I’ve noticed is constipation. But this may be the sugars. Despite eating 2 servings of fruit as well as 4 servings of veggies a day, the fibres aren’t doing much. I’ve also started getting sores inside my mouth. They aren’t painful, just raw.

I am hoping that all this sorts itself once I am done with week 5….


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