Abx pulsing for Lyme Week 6

Post-pulsing (after week 6) period
Friday (12 of August | yesterday) was the last day of week 6… I intend to stop the antibiotics for a month simply to give my guts a break. I feel unbelievably well… I have also received a few comments from acquaintances who seem to have noticed a difference… Most recent was yesterday where a woman remarked how my “eyes don’t look tired anymore.” I take it to mean my dark circles have reduced, both color and sunkeness, which is true because I seem to be able to get away with no concealer (#MAC mineralized concealers seem to do the trick on bad days) and just a dab when absolutely needed… 

When it comes to the post-treatment period, I am planning on going on a GAPs diet for a month in addition to the Alfons Ven (#AlfonsVen) detox system. I figured it would give me time to actually see how the Lyme is progressing as well as review this supposed treatment.


The symptoms have mostly reduced… My herxing hasn’t been so bad compared to how crazy bad I did feel originally. But then again my threshold for pain tolerance is rather high… That said my left foot/toe, which experienced the most inflammation, and despite shrinking back to normal size, as well as my right one still experiences mild aching. I am not complaining since I can wear my shoes in my normal size again, rather than a size up in wide fit!

My weight has gone down too, I am feeling much better about myself. The only thing though is my craving for sugar, which I assume is part of the treatment side-effects (will post a few references that support this), and my abx belly. It’s very odd looking… My belly I mean. 

I am hoping once I sort out my guts with GAPs I can fix it up a bit before the next round of pulsing.

My periods have miraculously been consistent as well and back to its normal predictable shorter cycles! Since I was only on the pulsing treatment 6 weeks, I have only witnessed two periods… The odd thing however, is that between week 5 and 6 (during my p) I did get strange spotting before and after. The before was just “old blood” that was dark… The after was mucousy and blood-stained discharge that neither smelled nor continued more than 2 days… My hypothesis is that it’s just residual. I have been trying to swim more and perhaps being in the water held my flow from properly exiting.

One of the first symptoms I encountered after being bit was the loss of my sense of smell…. I have been struggling with sinuses ever since. Considering I was a master sniffer, this cause both benefits and trauma admittedly… Trauma because I can no longer smell things I knew existed which in itself is shocking because the experience of knowing and the inability to verify freaks me out…. And beneficial because I had an OCD reaction to scents I had an aversion to, such as the slightest traces of mildew, BO, or stank in general… I also noticed that my ears still retain water inside despite my best efforts to get rid of it (head shakes/tilts, drying my ears well, nothing too drastic). After week 6 has ended (today) I noticed that I can smell a lot better and less water seems to remain in my ears… It makes me smile to be closer to my normal scent-sensitive self! 

Happy day… I am thankful to be on the path to recovery, grateful for my partner’s help and insight, and content to be more self-aware about my body and mind despite all the negativity. 

My father who has worse symptoms than I, supports my brother and they both attack my Lyme “conviction” as the product of “women’s drama and monthly hysteria.” My father is quickly deteriorating and refuses to go on antibiotics because of his “health complications.” The man is 62 years old and looks 90, can barely move from the fatigue and is experiencing strange tremors and personality changes that are so visible, our friends and family believe he is hiding a case of Parkinson’s despite doctors’ negating that… As much as it pains me there’s not much I can do… 

I am just glad I was stubborn enough to hold on to a (metaphorical) lifebuoy (in the form of self-confidence) before those nasty bugs drowned me. I am still very bitter and resentful towards the doctors and gps I’ve seen here in the UK. I do hope science makes strides in Lyme research in my lifetime so I can rub it in that horrible “world renowned” infectious disease doc’s face. I liken what he did to someone kicking someone who’s already down. So much for ethics and a physician’s code!

‘Till then I won’t even bother thinking about it and will continue enjoying being my normal happy self as long as I can!



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