Alfons Ven Package


Alfons Ven (AV) Package

Today is day two of the Alfons Ven Lyme package, which I first learned about here. Before tackling my experience so far here’s what I’ve been doing:

A few months ago, I purchased 1 packaged which lasts 28 days to test… Then I visited the horrible doctor in June, 2016, and decided I will whack the nasty bugs with abx instead. After only six weeks of abx pulsing I felt great so I decided to give my body a break. The Alfons Ven treatment consists of CHIM, FLUOX, and AVIVA.

Here’s my schedule:


  • According to the instructions, which are terrible, Fluox should be taken 2 hours apart, 1-3 times a day… You need to start with 3 times, and continue if you have bad herxes before starting CHIM. You should also keep a 4 hour gap between FLUOX and CHIM at all times.
    • 9:30 am 1 pellet of FLUOX.
    • 10:00 am breakfast + OpticBac Probiotics for antibiotics (1 capsule)
    • 11:30 am 1 pellet
    • 12:00 snack/drink
    • 1:30 am 1 pellet
    • 2:00 Lunch


  • There were no clear precise instructions as to how or when to take AVIVA.
  • 5:00 pm AVIVA 15 Drops
  • 5:30 pm snack
  • suggests the following:

17. AVIVA:

  • The Green oats,Vitamin C and Echinacea is very beneficial to keep gastrointestinal operating efficiently, as well, it gives support for entire body.
  • AVIVA is always taken at the beginning when the body is weakened by the infections or is handling an exceptional amount of die off.
  • AVIVA is taken during FLUOX alone and during the use of CHIM and FLUOX (eradication period).
  • Aviva is plant. Some plants are best taken alone, away from other things. Space the minerals and vitamins by a half hour away from AVIVA.
  • AVIVA may be taken with food.

18. How many drops of AVIVA do I need?

  • Use as instructions
    • or, energy test yourself or your child every month to know how many drops a day is best or if any are required. Everybody is different in many ways and rarely with anything being ingested does one size fit all.
  • Average only: 3 drops daily agrees with a child. An adult 7 drops daily. More at the beginning then later in the eradication process and even when only taking FLUOX at the beginning while releasing neurotoxins prior eradication process. If diarrhea occurs, cut back.


  • 8:00 pm dinner
  • 10:30-11:00 pm (depending on when I get home) 1 compartment of CHIM containing all the pellets.
  • Sleep in the next hour or so.



The end of Abx

I wanted to point out that I have been pulsing since June, 2016 (see Antibiotics Pulsing Treatment in linked post for details. Read this for 6 week feedback).

On the day I was supposed to start my 7th week of abx (which was the beginning of my break), I began to get the usual small joints pains as usual. During the abx treatment, I can tell it was about time for the begining of a session when I start feeling the pain. However, since I didn’t take them on the 7th week, the pains remained, the achy soles returned (something I haven’t felt since the second week of abx!) and I am more fatigued than I was in the previous weeks. I also noticed a reduced amount of anxiety since returning from my vacation (I am not sure what gives, since I haven’t been keeping track of my anxiety in a controled enviornment).

The begining of AV

I started the CHIM-FLUOX yesterday and can’t yet tell what effects it has on my body. The joint pain is worse, I have a terrible allergic reaction to something where my eyes and nose keep tearing and dripping. My eyes are also burning me, it may be the daily contacts that I am wearing, but I have worn this brand with no problem for years. I change them twice a day to avoid conjunctivitis (which I thought were because my contacts were dirty!! Turns out it’s a Lyme things!!!). Anyway, I feel foggy and my vision is less than sharp even with the adjusted prescription…

It’s too early to tell whether or not AV is working, and whether what I am experiencing has to do with a Herx or Abx withdrawal or what…

It is worth mentioning that I am also taking probiotics (as you can see in the schedule above) that is specifically made for people who have been on Abx.

I honestly hope this doesn’t turn out to be a waste of time, money, and achieved health strides….





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