WordPress Review

I wanted to start off my reviews section with the obvious, the very platform I am using to communicate whatever nonsense that comes to mind…

Free Vs. Paid WordPress

I used to run a blog on blogspot/blogger, a free service, and which I thought was a bit dry in terms of design. However, after using free WordPress for some time now (putting a LOT of effort into learning and figuring out what I can and can’t do with it) I must say that I am rather disapointed. I have read so much about its supposed versitillity from other users. Many of the blogs I follow, and a large quantity of “trendy” blogs/sites are wordpress-based. I have come to realize that all of them are paid. That said, I can’t give an honest opinion of that service since I do not intend on spending, as a poor humble grad student, anything for this blog. Perhaps in the future… perhaps not.

A mini comparison

So back t the blogspot/wordpress comparison. I would have to say that blogspot is by far the better platform when it comes to free services. It is fairs better when it comes to user-friendliness, storage space, widgets, coding/programing freedom (at least for my purposes). I may be biased since I started off with Blogspot, but I am convinced that it is more intuitive than wordpress. WordPress though, does way, WAY, better in terms of its design… I can’t do as much as I would like with the text editing, but the HTML editor allows for some breathing room in that regard.

I also do not like the navigation menu nor the site architecture. I find navigation in general to be rather confusing. There are a lot of features that you would think would be free that aren’t when using an of the free templates… It really is frustrating.


Overall I would give it a 4/10. Perhaps in time I’ll grow to like it, or maybe just get used to it. But for now, I am considering migrating my content back to blogspot.





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