A week without Antibiotics

A week without antibiotics resulted in catastrophe.

I am on the Alfons Ven remedy but honestly I really think it is useless. A scam!

Today is literally day 7 without antibiotics. I was supposed to start week 7 on tuesday, but my partner and I agreed to see whether or not pulsing for 6 weeks was enough. It wasn’t.

Anyway, I will still give the CHIM-FLUOX a chance and keep at it.

Here are the symptoms that have returned in the meantime:

  • Excess Cerumen (earwax) production (apparently an indicator of infections).
  • Vaginal discharges.
  • Blurry vision.
  • Extremely painful knuckles, toes, and small joints everywhere.

I honestly want to just go back to the antibiotics… I am seriously depressed because of this.

I will give it some time because I refuse to believe I need to live on antibiotics to get by. I don’t even want to think of the idea of having kids… Them having a chance of inheriting congenital lyme, or being affected by the antibiotics (I’ve seen one too many people who have “grey” teeth because of antibiotics as kids…. a very shallow thought but all too real for me).

This post is really a an angry desprate rant… I am trying to document the process as I go, as much as possible.

One day, once this PhD is done… I’ll start a research on Lyme. This cannot go on any longer! Someone needs to stand up and do something… For those that don’t have it and are less than compassionate to those that suffer, I do hope you get to experience this horrible disease yourself…. maybe then you’ll be humbled to mercifulness.

No love,



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