Lyme: The Balance & Coordination Test

Are you balanced?? I asked myself this alllll the time before I got medicated… “qp, ARE YOU COORDINATED ENOUGH FOR THE HIKE NEXT SATURDAY?!”

So how would a Lyme-slapped researcher go about answering this? Why by doing an experiment!

For months… I became a crazy OCD person… I kept a mini Kate Spade notebook (because I LOVE this designer and wanted to become her, back when she first launched her brand and I was 5 or 6 and being a fashion designer/business woman was a seemingly feasible ambition! but I digress…) In this notebook, I kept a log of whether or not I can stand up, close my eyes, and spin around without falling and smacking my face… I normally did this in the shower so I don’t look like a nut publicly… and surely… I began to notice how much worse it’s gotten over time… I measured speed (how long it took to spin), whether I can actually do it (there was a time I couldn’t at all),  and if I needed to hold the walls to achieve my goal (yup, that too..).

How did this madness start? Well I was playing with my host family’s kids… and they were able to do it but I couldn’t… so I thought it was an adult thing… so asked several people I know (this is back in early or mid 2015) if they can do it, and they could… I wasn’t entirely sure what was wrong with me, but I knew something was off… it didn’t take a genius to figure it out when you keep falling from the top of the escalator down, or knocking into things when you used to be a class-A superstar at things that required balance! I am still not sure if it’s Lyme or not, but my coordination sure as hell got better with abx…

So that’s how the coordination shower test was born! I still do it now because coordination was one of the first things that I lost to Lyme and I am scared of losing it again… the test is probably useless… but for an anxious Lymie like me, it’s reassuring.



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