Lyme: Today Is day 1 abx Free

And I feel great…. well almost.

Some noticeable issues include increased appetite.. I don’t know why but I am always craving stuff… it doesn’t help that I am always stressed, but I am generally craving protein… that has to mean something… right?

After this 1 month course of every-day-3-times-a-day abx, I decided I am going to go on a probiotics course. I chose OptiBac probiotics, which I purchased from Planet Organic. we’ll see how that goes!

I am also trying to keep up with my weight, which since coming here, and since the lyme (back in 2013) has been a struggle to stabilize… I am hoping by cleaning out my “insides” I can finally gain back some control over things… I either read this somewhere, or my mother possibly said this (since she sometimes sounds like a magazine), “the smaller the dress the bigger the apartment” … at this point my shoebox room is getting smaller. Or my dress is getting tighter… Since moving into it 2 years ago this september, I have successfully gained 10kg! freaky… that’s 22 lbs… I don’t know how the heck I managed to do that… I gained about half of it in the month  (end of june 2016) I started the antibiotics… Great. Now what? I’ve read a bunch of places that there is a relationship between gut bacteria annihilation and weight gain, about abx and weight gain, about probaiotics and weight loss, but nothing compelling to convince me that it isn’t written by some kook… It’s the same skepticism I apply to the whole candida issue, and possibly what I would have used to “assess” lyme before I had lyme… what I am trying to say is that do your own research. I will not post any kind of reference to back my opinions on this. I’ll just suffice by saying I am desperate enough to try but not completely ignorant to believe.

So to hold myself accountable for the promotion of health and weight loss… I am going to see if I can hook up my myfitnesspal to this blog as well as document every good and bad consumed entity that dare part my unfortunately unfastidious lips…

Here are some baseline stats:

Start date: 19th September, 2016
Average Weight Before Lyme (AWBL): 54-55 KG
Current Weight (CW): 64 kg 😦
1st Goal Weight (GF1): 60 Kg by December 5th, 2016
2nd Goal Weight (GF2): 58 kg by January 18th, 2017
3rd Goal Weight (GF3) 55 kg by Feb 20th, 2017
Final Goal Weight (FGW): 50-52 kg by March 1st, 2017

7 months
(Sept 16 – March 17)

The rules, including “intolerances,” which I don’t really have but will pretend to have to have a better excuse refusing food:

  • Gluten  pasta (can have some gluten-free but only a handful [fist size] portion)
  • Sweets (candy, cakes, cookies, brownies… can go for a palm sized portion on Sunday if needed!)
  • Wednesday’s are vegetable only days…
  • Mondays are egg mornings NO MATTER WHAT
  • Pret SALAD or Leon veggies every lunch or dinner at school
  • No carbs with L except maybe on Sundays
  • Supplements (B6 and B12 rev up metabolism like no other!)
  • Home screen is obesity related as a reminder… get into the mindset that “empty calories” lead to all sorts of health problems..
  • Wake up to drink coffee… COFFEE IS YOUR NEW VICE
  • At least 3 cups of plain water or water with lemon every day
  • start a fund… Save a pound for every kg lost and buy something from a market.
  • Chicken stock/broth for dinner whenever possible…
  • Keep daily intake between 800-1200 cals

Here goes!!




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