Polyvore Suspended My Account (Updated)


So a day after the original post (9/9/16), and after my email reply to “Allison,” she got back to me telling me my account was reactivated! Sweet! Thanks Polyvore, but you still need to fix your user interface!


As you can tell from my blog, I use Polyvore quite often. Recently my activity has come to a sudden holt. That is because in the middle of attempting to submit my #Ugg boots contest submission… something weird happened. The Polyvore app went crazy! Pop-ups started occurring (yes in an app! How odd…) and even weirder, I was prompted to put in my birthday… not fully trusting I rolled the birthday one-armed-bandit away and clicked enter… My account got suspended! I contacted their customer service and some Allison gal said something like “thank you for contacting us, your account got suspended because you are younger than 13… we hope to see you in a few years!” or something to that effect… I emailed them twice since, and nothing… apparently I am a <13 that’s trying to access the app and am dumb enough not to falsify my information…

Since my research is in INFORMATION STUDIES and understanding user-based experiences…. I can tell you that this is probably the worst process map/information architecture ever… I liked Polyvore… it was a nice distraction… I am not too sure if I’ll keep the app or my other accounts if this isn’t sorted… either way, if you do read this Polyvore, here are some questions for you:

  1. Why didn’t you ask for birthday info when I first registered?
  2. Why suspend right away? Given your content, a similar more efficient system would request email validation of the inputted information, or at least parental consent, or even just confirm the d*** inputted information before you take drastic actions and “suspend” an account until the person “turns 13″…
  3. I have seen posts as old as 4 years old addressing this exact issue, why hasn’t it  been resolved? it’s been at least 4 years!

WordPress Review

I wanted to start off my reviews section with the obvious, the very platform I am using to communicate whatever nonsense that comes to mind…

Free Vs. Paid WordPress

I used to run a blog on blogspot/blogger, a free service, and which I thought was a bit dry in terms of design. However, after using free WordPress for some time now (putting a LOT of effort into learning and figuring out what I can and can’t do with it) I must say that I am rather disapointed. I have read so much about its supposed versitillity from other users. Many of the blogs I follow, and a large quantity of “trendy” blogs/sites are wordpress-based. I have come to realize that all of them are paid. That said, I can’t give an honest opinion of that service since I do not intend on spending, as a poor humble grad student, anything for this blog. Perhaps in the future… perhaps not.

A mini comparison

So back t the blogspot/wordpress comparison. I would have to say that blogspot is by far the better platform when it comes to free services. It is fairs better when it comes to user-friendliness, storage space, widgets, coding/programing freedom (at least for my purposes). I may be biased since I started off with Blogspot, but I am convinced that it is more intuitive than wordpress. WordPress though, does way, WAY, better in terms of its design… I can’t do as much as I would like with the text editing, but the HTML editor allows for some breathing room in that regard.

I also do not like the navigation menu nor the site architecture. I find navigation in general to be rather confusing. There are a lot of features that you would think would be free that aren’t when using an of the free templates… It really is frustrating.


Overall I would give it a 4/10. Perhaps in time I’ll grow to like it, or maybe just get used to it. But for now, I am considering migrating my content back to blogspot.