Lyme: After the Third Package

Here’s a blog (pressed below) I follow to see whether or not the Alfons Ven treatment works. I bought one package and am doubtful. From my brief skimming about the treatment, it seems like it is a detox…. Made of lactose and radiating with “frequencies.”

Since I was never treated with antibiotics I am not sure how this will work for me. I will start the treatment after July 6th, as that would be the end of Ramadan, the fasting month for Muslims, and people’s schedules will hope fully return to normal by then.

Meanwhile I am currently taking Ottoba Bark and Cat’s claw. I started at 30 drops (even though told to start slow and work my way up)  and the only thing noticeable is regulated bowl movement. No improvement or deterioration (herx) in my condition. My neck is crunchy as ever, shoulders and back and feet are in constant state of pain. And a few nights ago I suffered the strangest thing. I awoke in the middle of the night only to be conscious of my right side being completely paralyzed. It only lasted for about 2 minutes but I was completely freaked out. I reached over with my left arm and touched my forearm and it was stiff cold! I panicked but was able to control my breathing as one side of me lay motionless and cold while the other frantic and sweaty. I did not attempt to reach for the light switch or switch on my cell phone camera because when I tried to smile in the dark, I touched my lips and felt one side raise while the other remained motionless. I no doubt looked scary and there was no way I wanted to leave that visual in my mind. Slowly sensation came back to my shoulder and  then down to my legs before I was able to move anything. A cold shiver took over that one side and then finally my face regained motion and sensation. It was terrifying.

It may have been the result of arguing with my brother that day, who earlier said to stop talking about Lyme before I end up in a “loony bin.” He also said that the PhD is getting into my head… If it has done anything at all, it has exacerbated my “imposter syndrome” further (Google it!). Starting a PhD humbles you. It allows you to see that there is an abundance of knowledge that you will never completely be able to go through, that it is impossible for the human mind to ever comprehend. That is what Big Data and AI technology are for (Google that too!). My search for an answer unfortunately had been confused with arrogance. That’s because I do not choose to take current medical tenets as divine truths. Someone’s judgment Is always disproven as time passes. So that said, in reading about Lyme, I now know why I slipped through the cracks. It was a hard wake up call and a valuable lesson for me to trust myself and be confident in my critical thinking and problem solving abilities. With that said, the Ven treatment will be an experiment. I do not have access to labs or other scientific tools to test whether this physically does much, but I will apply the same type of empirical testing methods in documenting this. I will provide further details in a later post so keep reading!

Meanwhile I highly suggest you take a look at the blog pressed below. It’s a woman’s journey with Lyme. Another area that is highly unstudied…


Things are definitely shifting. I finished the third Alfons Ven CHIM package on May 16 (7 days ago). The last two weeks were easier than the first two weeks of the package, and more importantly, ea…

Source: After the Third Package


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